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Someone Literally Tried To Send 13 Live Snakes To Australia In The Mail

Don't they know we've already got them?

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Alright kiddos, here it is: Two packages, carted along the international skyline towards Melbourne's international mail facility contained, oh, thirteen live snakes.

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The Australian Department of Agriculture had to euthanise the snakes, as is protocol, and said in a statement that the snakes, which came from Indonesia, were "a clear attempt to get around the rules that are in place to protect us all."

Here they all are, lined up like a goddamn Wes Anderson film.

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The head of the Department of Agriculture's Pathway Compliance, Nicola Hinder, said the snakes were most likely being sent to be sold as exotic pets.

"I also want to encourage anyone who is thinking of buying an exotic pet, like a snake, to ensure they are provided proof of the provenance of the animal so they are not inadvertently supporting this cruel trade."