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    The "One Thicc Bih" Meme Is The Best And Worst Thing On The Internet Right Now

    Everyone is one thicc bih. is an app that has seen a big increase in use recently after Tumblr and then Twitter users began making memes with the music video generator.

    It works like this: allows anyone to create a 15-20 second clip set to a generic backing track. You have a set number of characters you can type, and then an automated voice will sing along to music using your lyrics.

    There's an option to purchase actual songs (currently there are tracks by Sia and Future) but most people seem to be content with the free, ditty-created beats.

    The Ditty app has been around since late 2015.

    At first, people were putting just about anything to music. Funny quotes, greetings and messages were the norm until recently, when a version of Good Day featuring lyrics describing cultural icons as "thick ass bihs" inspired a surge in hundreds of videos. Here's an example:

    The meme appears to have started about two weeks ago on Tumblr, where a version featuring Mr. Krabs has gone viral with more than 84,000 notes.

    Everyone hated it...

    But couldn't get it out of their heads.

    And now Twitter users are also getting in on the act, creating videos about cartoon characters, and yeah, it'll ruin your childhood and your adulthood all at once.

    So I jumped on the ditty train...someone take my phone away from me please.

    Seriously, nothing is sacred.


    Not even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    The official Ditty Twitter account hasn't commented on the meme, but the app was number one in the iTunes app store in late May. Wonder why...

    I bet the owners of ditty are ashamed cause we using their app to make _ussy videos

    We're sorry.