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    The 25 Smoothest Moments In History

    Everyone else is smoother than you.

    1. This ol' up-n-over.

    2. Or this up-over-down-and-out.

    3. This guy scratching the back of his head with a falling hat.

    4. Or this guy dodging and stepping down the aisles.

    5. This SMOOTH Valentines Day proposal.

    6. This kid who turned a fall into a dive.

    7. Relax, no one noticed.

    8. This cat keepin' it cool.

    9. Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf with their own celebration.

    10. And these two turning awkward into smooth like it's nothing.

    11. Every mistake can be turned into a dance move.

    12. But never, ever lose heart.

    13. This kid found out the hard way that escalators are cruel, heartless and sharp.

    14. And this dog knows legs are for chumps.

    15. No means no.

    16. No matter what you've got to show.

    17. And this dog shows us why one should never forget their buddy.

    18. Whilst smoothness can also be deployed to turn a bad situation into a fun one!

    19. Even goats can do it.

    20. Sometimes eating is hard.

    21. But this guy shows us that you should NEVER ask for directions to clitoris avenue.

    22. Snoop knows how to turn a potentially embarrassing situation into an awesome one.

    23. And this curve shows that all it takes to pull off ultimate smoothness is a pair of sunglasses and a "hey baby."

    24. This guy said "fuck you!" to disaster and ended up the smooth victor.

    25. And this guy got everything right.