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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Facebook Sticker Pack

Don't waste your time on inferior stickers. This is an actual scientific study.

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There are 49 downloadable Facebook sticker packs available.

Some are good and some are really, really bad. This ranking will determine which packs are worth downloading.



Terrible, just terrible. The options in this pack offer little (if any) emotive response and some are downright nonsensical. It is hard to imagine a situation in ANY conversation where the sticker of a gummy fish and a creepy, almost pre-pubescent man with a red beard would come in handy.


This doesn't even make sense. The whole pack is just a combination of bad emotions that would never apply in conversation, and when they do there's better options. Also, she's a little young to be in space.



This sticker pack gets points for aesthetics because it has SOME interesting design choices. Other than that it's beyond boring. How many cute dog gifs does one need, you ask? According to the makers of 'KOKO,' the answer is 44.


Don't worry, THIS sticker pack isn't named after a culturally insensitive expression. The character in question LITERALLY HAS wide eyes. Aesthetically it's all pretty same-y and the pack holds the usual emotive responses. It loses points for uniqueness though. It's just a lot of drawings of a deformed girl.


If you believe the creators, this little snot-ball is actually a 'monster.' That aside, it offers some redeeming qualities in that it interacts with a variety of different props. Unfortunately, its eyes never change - leading to a inability to express emotion. It loses functionality points for that.



This sticker pack seems to be based on the adolescent life of a blue-haired Justin Timberlake. There's a full range of emotions and most (although not all) would be appropriate in conversation. Uniqueness really lets it down because there is an almost identical sticker pack called 'Hacker Girl.'



Essentially a compilation of every heart-related sticker on Facebook. Pass. I'd use this pack probably twice a year. Find the one sticker within the 'Love Is In The Air' pack and download its parent pack. That's the right way to do it.



A penguin that enjoys winter...who would have thought? Although this is the only penguin-related sticker pack, so it wins in that realm. Overall you could say this sticker pack is pretty 'cool.' He he he...



Pandas are cool. But anyone that has been to a zoo (or China) and seen a panda in the flesh knows that they're actually pretty boring to look at. They're not exactly 'athletic.' And that's the issue this sticker pack faces.


Couldn't POSSIBLY be a tie in with the recently released film. Regardless, the pack is quite pretty and Lego will always be fucking awesome. Shame they're just standing there, dressed up like boxers.



You'd be forgiven at first for thinking that this thing was the stuff of nightmares - and you might be right. Still, it's a weird little sheep creation and the pack is named after a famous composer. Thumbs up.



At first I thought this bear was creepy, but over time I've been swayed to its hypnotic ability at conveying meaning. What might first appear as a 2-D and nonsensical illustration grows, developing into a fully fledged sticker pack which is well worth downloading. It's a bit repetitive, though.



Incredibly well polished and functional beyond belief, this pack proves that the classics are often just that - classic. Well worth inclusion in any conversation, 'Meep' excels at expressions and functionality. Don't waste your time on 2-D, small, and boring emoji when you could be using this.


There's a reason this was one of the first sticker packs Facebook rolled out. 'Pusheen' is almost a complete pack, with interesting graphics, a big range of emotion and a clever premise. Its uniqueness suffered due to the spin-off pack, 'Pusheen Eats,' but it still retains its title as one of the most needed downloads on your Facebook messenger.