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The Chaser Launched A "Trust Fall" On Malcolm Turnbull And It Did Not Go Well

"The back of my head is telling me that he did not catch me", Chas Licciardello told BuzzFeed News.

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The Chaser's Chas Licciardello has tried (and failed) to pull off a "trust fall" with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull at an event in Sydney today.

The first casualty of trust in the election is Chas Licciardello from the @chaser. #auspol

Turnbull was touring McCarthy Catholic College in the western Sydney suburb of Emu Plains when Licciardello rushed toward the prime minister, attempting a trust fall that the PM did not cooperate with at all.

Here's The Chaser's Chas getting manhandled after a stunt as the PM was leaving #ausvotes

"The back of my head is telling me that no, he did not [catch me]", said Licciardello.

"We make a point of trying to be helpful at The Chaser and we have a very bad reputation of being unhelpful and it couldn't be less deceiving because all we try to do in the electorate is build trust," he said.

Licciardello was quickly pulled away by police. The Chaser has a "long and complicated" relationship with the Australian Federal Police, but "they know we're not a threat", he said.

Fellow Chaser correspondent Craig Reucassel was also travelling with Turnbull's fleet, carrying with him a life-size Tony Abbott.

The Chaser's @craigreucassel explains why he's holding @TonyAbbottMHR cutout for @TurnbullMalcolm @SBSNews #ausvotes

"He [Malcolm Turnbull] said he looks better if he's got Abbott around him", said Reucassel.

Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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