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This Woman Is Being Trolled After She Publicly Called Out A Man For "Upskirting" Her

"So let me get this straight, you catch public transport and you think it's safe to go to sleep with your legs open? LOL"

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A woman has become the victim of online trolls after uploading video to Facebook of a man allegedly "upskirting" her.

Tegan Portener's video was uploaded on Monday, and quickly spread across the internet. The video shows a man fiddling with his phone as he tries to shove it between the crack in a train's seat so as to film Portener.

"Upskirting" is when someone films up a woman's skirt or dress without them knowing, and is often pulled off using secret cameras and phones.

"This grub got on the train at Central and sat directly in front of me, he kept looking around suspiciously but I ignored it," she wrote on Facebook.

"Halfway to Newcastle I woke up from a nap with my knees up in shorts and noticed he was filming me from underneath his chair 😭 he did it for another half hour until I finally mustered up the courage to tell him to stop."

"I went to the front of the train and told the driver about the sitch and he contacted the police at Broadmeadow for me. I gave them these videos and they went through surveillance cams but couldn't find him so the grot is still out there potentially filming other women ugh."

"Stopped videoing because my phone ran out of memory but essentially he acted all offended and I just told him to stop and he nodded."

On Wednesday night, police arrested and charged a 30-year-old man and seized both his computer hard drives and phone.


The man has been granted conditional bail and is due to appear before Toronto Local Court on Wednesday 20 April.