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    15 Questions All Students Have For Teachers

    How much do you hate us?

    1. Do you ever show up drunk?

    2. And do you ever show up hungover?

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    3. How much did movies like Dead Poet's Society influence your decision to become a teacher?

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    4. Did you ever find yourself attracted to a student?


    5. Did you ever have any students you REALLY hated?


    6. How often do you catch people cheating and what do you do?


    7. Is playground duty the worst?

    8. Do you hate other teachers?

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    9. Are there in-staff room romances?


    10. Are there teacher "cliques"?

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    11. What's the staff room like?

    12. Do you really "believe" in ALL your students?


    13. Do you really plan lessons?

    14. Have students ever tried to negotiate their grades?

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    15. And have you ever knowingly taught something to a student that wasn't true?

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