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18 Hashtags All Sydneysiders Should Use Every Day


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1. For every pub lunch:

2. For every super expensive taxi ride:

3. For the minimum $20 you spend on tolls everyday:

Toll City bitch Toll Toll City bitch.
Flickr: shaindlin

Toll City bitch Toll Toll City bitch.

4. For every ferry ride that results in your hair making you look like a psychopath:

5. For all the firework displays you've become numb towards:

Flickr: jonathanpoh / Creative Commons

6. For every horse that never runs true to form:

7. For every 3AM stop at the local kebab shop:

8. For every night that ends in Kings Cross:

9. For when you accidentally stumble into some Surry Hills hipster bar and realize immediately you don't fit in:

10. For when you have to walk through Redfern at 2AM:

11. For when some punk has their feet (or bag) up on the bus.

12. For when you (briefly) think about buying a house:

13. For when you see a transit officer:

Flickr: 100685007@N03 / Creative Commons

14. For when it's sunny outside on a Friday and you're at work:

15. For when Mango season is upon us:

16. For when you have to drive:

17. For when the sun MELTS your car:

18. And for when you have to catch a train (and know you'll be late because of it):