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    28 Stunning Australian Places You Need To Visit Before You Die

    Heaven is a place on Earth. And it's called Australia.

    1. Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

    Flickr: hd_vision / Creative Commons

    2. The Pilbara, Western Australia

    3. The Painted Desert, South Australia

    4. Lord Howe Island

    5. Lake Eyre, South Australia

    6. Kata Tjutja, Northern Territory

    Flickr: yannbamm / Creative Commons

    7. Perry Sand Hills, Victoria

    Roberto Seba / Via Facebook: visitmelbourne

    8. Mount Seaview, New South Wales

    Flickr: 47572660@N08 / Creative Commons

    9. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

    Flickr: 96434059@N00 / Creative Commons

    10. Deep Creek Conservation Park, South Australia

    Zdenka Rosecka / Via Facebook: TheRealSouthAustralia

    11. Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

    Flickr: david55king / Creative Commons

    12. The Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

    13. The Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

    14. The Hunter Valley, New South Wales

    Flickr: 69082108@N08 / Creative Commons

    15. Organ Pipes National Park, Victoria

    Flickr: 46421193@N07 / Creative Commons

    16. Red Centre, Northern Territory

    17. Mt. Warning, New South Wales

    Flickr: bhutton / Creative Commons

    18. Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

    19. Lady Musgrove Island, Queensland

    Lady Musgrove Cruises / Via Facebook: ladymusgravecruises

    20. The Grampians National Park, Victoria

    21. Shell Beach, Western Australia

    Flickr: grantmatthews / Creative Commons
    Flickr: youngestchild / Creative Commons

    22. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

    Flickr: pauljill / Creative Commons

    23. Jenolan Caves, New South Wales

    Flickr: srikumar / Creative Commons

    24. Fraser Island, Queensland

    Flickr: behindthesteeringwheel / Creative Commons

    25. The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

    Flickr: t3rmin4t0r / Creative Commons

    26. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

    Flickr: t3rmin4t0r / Creative Commons

    27. Mt. Wellington, Tasmania

    Flickr: 79476766@N08 / Creative Commons

    28. Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania

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