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31 Pictures That Prove South Africa Is The Craziest Place On Earth

"Invisible shit terror!"

1. Super welcoming bumper stickers!

2. These used dentures for sale on the side of road.

3. Men in tiger suits on motorbikes.

4. Cars like this:

5. Enticing bookstores!

6. And welcoming visitors:

7. Signs that warn you of...something?

8. Smart policemen...

9. And even smarter speed traps:

10. Street signs like this:

11. Toilet roll dispensers:

12. Casual warning signs:

13. And less casual headlines:

14. Viagra on the west coast:

15. Guys chillin' like this:

16. Dead Zulu singer zombies:

17. And jaywalkers with no respect:

18. OMG WTF STFU Takalani Sesame:

(Which is like Sesame Street in South Africa)

19. Handicapped signs like this:

20. Planking like this:

21. Little girls in pink tutus on pink motorbikes with teddy bears:

No big deal.

22. Vampire hunts:

23. Texts like this:

24. "Monkey gland sauce" potato chips:

25. Dead whales behind transported through the main street:

26. Statues to honour the memory of the Dick King:

27. Three day fast grow penis, breast and hip enlargement:

28. Great giveaways:

Plan for the future, now!

29. Friendly requests:

30. 30 minute abortion penis treatment...whatever that is...

31. And people taking their dogs for a walk in the coolest way possible:

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