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    Someone Made A "Drive-in" For Kids In Their Backyard And It's Adorable

    They even have tiny lil' license plates.

    Jessie Woods, from northeast Ohio, had a family get-together at her aunt's place at the weekend. The 18-year-old was set to see her nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandparents.

    When Jessie arrived at her aunt's home ahead of the big event, she noticed something a little bit intense going on in the backyard. Like, full-blown-drive-in-cinema-but-for-children intense.

    Jessie took a few photos and tweeted them on Friday, and from there it went massively viral. Over 70,000 people have retweeted the drive-in pics, with hundreds of responses.

    My aunt made a "drive-in" for all the kids in the family and this is exactly how extra I want to be when I'm older

    Not only did all the kids get their own cardboard "cars", they also had cups of snacks and popcorn (of course).

    "Everyone seems to just be saying how cute it is and how they wish they had an aunt like that," Jessie told BuzzFeed News.

    While the drive-in was initially meant to happen on Friday, bad weather pushed the event to Sunday. "All the kids loved it," said Jessie.

    Movies about to begin πŸ˜‚πŸŽ¬

    It's pretty adorable.

    A few people tweeted their own versions of the home drive-in.

    @jessiewoodss @caitlindechavez Did something similar for the kids at my church a few years ago, the tank was mine.

    @jessiewoodss Same thing... ghetto edition

    The real winner in all of this, though, was Landon. Dude's probably got the best home drive-in setup of all time.

    @jessiewoodss I am Landon. With that neck pillow and extra long box for leg room πŸ’πŸ½