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    Lady Gaga Fans Are Pretending To Be Soccer Moms On Twitter To Con Radio Stations

    "Make an account with a soccer mom selfie avatar, make your username something like 'ilovemykids123' and write a bio about how you have three kids and a husband."

    Today, a bunch of radio stations announced they would be premiering new Lady Gaga music this Friday. Lady Gaga fans were just a little bit excited.

    Gaga has been teasing an album for some time, and her devoted fans were keen to make sure radio stations across the globe understood early on that this was a song they needed to BLAST, so they devised a little plan.

    This particular call to arms was put on the huge Gaga-based blog, but the same message was copied and pasted on to other celeb and music forums.

    And then this happened:

    Numerous "soccer mom" accounts have been set up, all barely a few hours old, with different stories about their daughters/sons/husbands and how much they absolutely MUST hear the new Gaga, or really any Gaga at all.

    @kiis1065 @ladygaga my CHILDREN love her! My husband goes to work on Friday and can't wait to hear ! 🙏🏻😃

    me and my daughter are on our way to yoga class. can you play Lady GaGa pls. i love you guys @kiis1065 <3333

    It doesn't look like stopping any time soon.

    @XTRARADIO @ladygaga my son is gay and he loves gaga

    @kiis1065 @ladygaga My family is so excited for this. My two daughters are eager for new Ga Ga music. Much Love.

    @kiis1065 @ladygaga my daughters love her! Amanda's birthday is next Saturday, play it for her please!

    The requests are pouring in and it's only Tuesday. That leaves three days before Gaga's new music is released, and three days of non-stop Lady Gaga fan-mom tweets for radio stations to enjoy.