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16 Feelings You Know All Too Well If You Live In Australia

You're poor, I'm poor, we're all poor TOGETHER!

1. Trying to find a reasonable place to rent:


2. Trying to get into a club:

3. And then trying to buy a drink:

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4. Going to the movies with **many dollars** and leaving with **no dollars.**

5. Paying your phone bill every month:

6. Or not paying it, and wondering how long you can get away with it:

7. Looking at fuel prices go up & up & up every single day:

8. And then your friends from overseas telling you about how expensive the fuel (gas) is for them:

9. Taxes, lol.

10. When you overhear someone talking about "their raise" or "their new job."

11. Paying tolls for those roads you paid for:

12. Shipping prices:

13. The slow decline of "free parking:"

14. When you can't just pay for a coffee with the change in your pocket:


15. When your favourite band is coming Down Under and their tickets cost more than you make in a week :)

16. And when ALL. YOUR. FAVOURITE. SHOWS. are only on Foxtel:

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