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This Mother Found A Huge Snake In Her Son's Bed Biting His Face

The snake, which wasn't a pet, climbed onto the boy's bunk bed before attacking him later that night. WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

A little boy has reportedly been left bloodied and shocked after a three-metre python climbed onto the top bunk of his bed and bit him several times.

The story was shared on Facebook last night, quickly racking up thousands of shares. Craig Baker, who uploaded the photos, said little Tyler is OK, after what must have been a scary couple of hours.

Facebook: craig.baker.39

"Thursday night a huge three-meter Python climbed up onto the top bunk of Tyler's bed while he was asleep and bit him a fare few times on his face and hand," reads the Facebook status.

"Tammy (his mum) heard the scream and ran in and had to pull the snake off him. Thank God Brady came to save the day and got rid of it."

The whole thing went down in the northern NSW town of Macksville, and the snake has since been removed from the house.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Craig Baker for further statement.

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