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    Dads Are Tweeting Photos Of Themselves Changing Nappies And Calling It A "Smelfie"

    Real men change nappies.

    Australian comedian Adam Hills recently uploaded this photo of him changing a nappie, and in doing so coined the term #smelfie.

    It quickly spurred an online movement of dads uploading their own #smelfies.

    @adamhillscomedy worrying amount of both poop and smell from such alittle person! #smelfie

    Big Sunday morning #smelfie @adamhillscomedy

    I'll alert the authorities. RT @howierj: On my way to the bin marked 'Toxic Waste' #smelfie

    Dads shared their techniques...

    @adamhillscomedy luckily things have changed since 2013. Now deodorant down shirt and lift it over nose. #smelfie


    @adamhillscomedy vomit on way plus pee'd on during change #smelfie #tooslow #newbie

    And their shared experiences with their children.

    This is my favourite ever #smelfie RT @ColinPatrick80: @adamhillscomedy #smelfie

    Hills was unapologetic to the haters, such is the strength of the #smelfie movement.

    BTW I'm RT'ing #smelfie photos to encourage more dads to change nappies. Anyone unhappy with that needs a sense of humour transplant.

    Here's to the #smelfie and dads changing diapers.