18 Signs You’re The Youngest Person In The Office

The struggle is real.

1. Your boss says they’re tired because their baby kept them up all night and you’re like:

Howard Stern / Via replygif.net

2. You’re WAY more excited by your paycheck than your co-workers.

Disposable income!

3. The way you talk changes IMMEDIATELY upon entering the office.

Disney / Via rack.3.mshcdn.com

Because no one would understand you.

4. And you have little (if any) real work experience.


5. Sometimes your co-workers seem to speak in riddles.

“Yeh, could we hurry up the backfill because I’m gonna be offline until I sort out this vertical.”

6. When you go out for “office drinks” you worry about being asked for I.D.

7. Everyone is married and all you have is your dog.

8. You’re afraid to talk about “what you did over the weekend.”

NBC / Via reddit.com

9. Everyone talks to each other via email and you’re expected to comply.


10. You want to impress so you volunteer for EVERYTHING.

Lionsgate / Via twodumbgirls.tumblr.com

And more often than not it comes back to hurt you.

11. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you become the “resident expert” on technology.

Channel 4 / Via iiifiredogg.tumblr.com

12. You can’t stop stealing stationery.

Universal Pictures / Via belairroad4666.tumblr.com

13. You have the attention span of a 20-year-old.

Because you’re 20 years old.

14. More than once, someone has pat you on the head.

ABC / Via giphy.com

15. And when your co-workers get emotional about turning 30, 40, 50, etc., you’re just like:

16. You’re not even ready to dream of retirement.

So. Far. Away.

17. You ask your friends when they’re gonna get a job and they don’t respond well.

18. And stuff like this happens all the time:

Because im the youngest at work this is what i was borght in secret santa

— Lewis B (@Ask4Kenneth)

Lewis B


Because im the youngest at work this is what i was borght in secret santa

/ Via

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