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    People Are Buying All The "Original" Shapes Before They Sell Out

    Preparing for the end of an era.

    Two weeks ago, Arnott's started rolling out a "new and improved" recipe for their super popular biscuits, Shapes, and more than a few people were pissed off.

    Now, people have ramped up their hatred of the new recipe. Some are setting the new Shapes on fire.

    And others are filming themselves throwing the new shapes right into the bin.

    The Arnott's Shapes official Facebook page has been flooded with posts from people stockpiling the old Shapes while they still can. with some even offering to sell them on for a marked up price.

    Seriously, there's so, so, many.

    Arnott's posted last week that their BBQ and Chicken Crimpie flavours will still be available in "original" flavour, hoping to calm down some of the masses.

    But it seems the new Shapes are here to stay, regardless of initial backlash. So get used to it folks.