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Check Out These Turtles In Adorable Sea-Diapers

It's a beautiful day to be alive.

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Australian researchers have developed a new type of swimsuit / diaper that can be put on endangered sea turtles to monitor their health.

University of Queensland

While it may look like the turtles are wearing Baywatch-era one-pieces, it's more accurate to describe the swimsuits as nappies, used to collect faeces.

Speaking to the ABC, PhD student Owen Coffee said the attire had been used on hatchlings previously in a successful test. After scaling the swimsuits up to adult size, researchers are now able to determine what kind of food the endangered turtles eat and how often.

The pouch at the back of the costume allows easy collection of feacal samples during nesting season, allowing an easier insight into the successful foraging areas around Australia when it comes to reproduction.