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A Woman Who Gave Birth On A Plane Named Her Baby After The Airline

Little baby Saw Jet Star came into the world in quite a unique way.

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New parents whose baby was born aboard a Jetstar Asia flight from Singapore to Myanmar have decided to name their baby son Saw Jet Star because of the care they received from the airline.

A pregnant woman unexpectedly went into labour on flight RK583 to Myanmar last Friday, and was helped by three doctors on the plane who came forward to help.

The woman went into labour while the plane was in the air, but it was only once the plane had landed that doctors were able to safely deliver the boy.

Remy Gabalda / AFP / Getty Images

A Jetstar spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the arrival of the baby was met with a round of applause from other passengers on the plane.

"Our crew are trained to respond to all kinds of events on our aircraft, and we're proud of the way they assisted with the help of generous doctors onboard to ensure the safe delivery of our youngest ever passenger," they said.

Jetstar also offered $1,000 worth of baby supplies to the family.

Jetstar Asia says both mother and son are in good health and currently being attended to at a hospital in Yangon.