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The 18 Saddest Moments In The Life Of An Australian

Someone throw their arms around me. Can't deal with all these new feelings.

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1. When schoolies is over and it's time to grow up.

2. The death of Steve Irwin.

3. When anyone says "shrimp."


4. When our bizarre weather tricks you into thinking the day will be sunny only to SPRING A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR ON YOU WHILE YOU WALK TO YOUR BUS STOP.

5. Paying more money for a coffee than you do on your lunch.

6. Rental prices.

7. Ordering chips only to find out there's no chicken salt.

8. When someone asks you if you've ever been to 42 Wallaby Way.

9. Or if you know P. Sherman.

10. Losing The Ashes (or any international sport, really)

11. Going to buy something from overseas online and then seeing the shipping cost.

12. When payday arrives but you have to take out half of it to pay all the debt you've accumulated that month.

13. The realisation that your favorite band will NEVER come to Australia.


(Until they're no longer relevant)

14. Failing your L's.

15. Failing your P's.

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16. People on the internet correcting your spelling when you're spelling it RIGHT for Australia.

17. When it rains on Christmas Day.

18. And when your thongs break.

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