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Rewatching The Saddest Scene In Television Cartoon History

Why did I do this to myself.

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The Land Before Time has some of the **realest** moments in cartoon-dinosaur history - including the moment Littlefoot's mother died, breaking the hearts of literal millions.


Oh yeah before we move on, the creators of this movie wanted to be sure we know THESE DINOSAURS ARE DEAD. GONE. DECEASED.

Anyway for some reason we're still focussing on Cera who is doing her best not to fucking die.

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Which is a pretty hard thing to pull off because EVERYONE IS DYING.


And now the narrator - who before this didn't think it was important that he explain WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON - just pipes up and says something like "Oh no, Cera is on one side of the divide and her parents are on the other :'( :'("


You can watch this here and tear your own heart out if you want:

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