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Everything You Need To Know About The "Sexy" Shiba Inu Going Viral In Japan

Roco, a two-year-old Shiba Inu, has a rapidly growing following.

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Roco is a two-year-old Shiba Inu who lives in Japan. Recently, she went massively viral thanks to a series of, uh, "promiscuous" photos.

おはようございます~! 昨日はロコも飼い主も帰ってから即寝で、夜までゴロゴロ。 今日もゆっくり寝てね~。

Last week, Roco's owner - who did not wish to be named but tweets at @shibainu_roco - uploaded four photos of the dog, which appears to be posing for the camera.


The photos show Roco on a couch, loving the camera. Almost immediately after tweeting the photos, the owner noticed people really liked this collection more than others.


"Roco has been getting on the sofa since she was four-months-old," Roco's owner told BuzzFeed News.

"We changed the room layout when she turned one, and that's when she started doing that pose frequently."

The original tweet of Roco posing has over 30,000 retweets and has inspired thousands of replies and recreations of the image.

知らない外国の方が作ってくれたみたい~❣️ 飼い主、めんどくて流行りに乗り損ねてたから嬉しいかも🤗

"I suggest you get her these tights as well," said one Twitter user.

@shibainu_roco @babilthesecond ついでにストッキング穿かせてみるとよろしいワン。🐕

Others posted about their male dogs getting "very excited" by the photos of Roco.

@shibainu_roco 実家の柴犬さんが興奮していると思います・・・!

And some people said things like this: "Love that nice look. So sexy."

@shibainu_roco ナイス目線でいいわー。セクシーなの。

And the timeless "she's sexy lol."

Roco's owner said a lot of people were commenting on how much Roco looked like a real person. "It's nothing unusual because she does that pose every day," they said. "I'm surprised by everyone's reaction.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve been taking so many photos since she was small, but she’s really good at looking into the camera and make human expressions."

渋々歩き始めたらまっすぐバスへ。 ロコ「これ乗って帰ろう~」 バスで帰るほどの距離じゃないんですけど~😅

Roco also has an Instagram. Unfortunately for any dogs out there looking to pair up with the Shiba Inu, it looks like she's already taken.

Instagram: @shibainu_roco