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It's Official, We're All Paying Heaps More Money To Buy Less Land

And in Sydney you're paying $100,000 more than you were a year ago.

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Median prices for a block in Sydney went up from $339,750 to $440,725 in 2015, working out to be almost double the cost of land in 2010.

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The average price of a lot of land in Australia's largest capital cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) is up 4.2% to $246,300 - still $194,425 below the average price for land in Sydney.

The average size of land purchases has also declined from as much as 524 square metres to 450 square metres.


The national average is 474 square metres, down 3.6% since 2014 and 11.4% since 2009.

Queensland, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide all hover around or below the $250,000 mark when it comes to the average price of new land lots around Australia.