21 Reasons Why TISM Are The Best Thing To Ever Come Out Of Australia

The impossible to characterise Australian band are 32 years old. Here’s a look back on why they’re still relevant (and always will be).

This is TISM.

(This Is Serious Mum)

1. They had the best band bios of all time.


2. But no one ACTUALLY knew who they were.

They could have been ANYONE.

3. They always had creative costumes on stage.


4. And they knew how to make a statement.

5. They were always interested in new ways to make their live act unique.

6. They asked the big questions.

(Les Murray is a former professional soccer player turned broadcaster)

7. They had the best album covers EVER.


8. Whilst their song titles remained creative, intriguing and different.

10. And they let a bunch of 14 year olds be on their music video


11. And then narrated their judgement over the top.

12. They were guest programmers on rage and spent half of it discussing ABC’s Lateline theme song.

The original trolls.

13. Or the 4 Corners theme.

14. Or the ABC news titles.

15. Then there’s the time they went on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Daryl Somers didn’t know what to do.

16. And wasn’t too impressed with their song title…


17. They had REAL interests.

Musicland / Via 45cat.com

18. And their songs were current and all about MAKING A POINT.

“I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix.”

19. Their lyrics were powerful.

20. They have become a part of Australia’s quiz-question database.

21. And since they stopped releasing albums and touring, NO ONE knows if the countless performances recorded on Youtube are the real TISM or cover bands.

I mean look at them. Would you be able to tell?

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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