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12 Reasons Australia Needs More 'A Rational Fear'

There's no point in being irrational anymore.

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Australia has been crying out for a Daily Show of its own for years.

If only to stop shit like this happening.

If only to stop shit like this happening.

And now, A Rational Fear is trying to step up to the plate.

The hugely successful local and international radio show (which also sold out the Opera House) is attempting to run a three month series on the web.

But they need help, setting up a Pozible campaign to try and raise $50,000 for their three month plan.

Here's some reasons why they're worth the investment.

1. They support local comedians (and you get to see them more often).

2. They make funny pictures, like Schapelle Corgi.

3. They get their hands on important documents, like this transcript of Scott Morrison's press conference regarding asylum seekers.

4. Or this AFP seizure record from the offices of Channel 7.

5. They reward their fans.

For a $1000 pledge you get a shirt that cost you $1000!
Via Facebook: ARationalFear

For a $1000 pledge you get a shirt that cost you $1000!

6. They have evidence of Miranda Kerr's involvement with Russia.

"Protests began when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign a trade pact with the European Union. But not even he could refuse our Miranda."

7. They're all about standing up for the little guy.

8. And they have an excellent statistics department.

9. They're capable of political satire.

10. And they're really good at Photoshop.

11. They also created the Morrison Generator for all your excuse needs!

12. And have spies within the fast food industry.