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This Sweet Commercial Will Make You Reconsider Texting While Driving

Is it me you're looking for?

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The New Zealand Transport Agency has released a new commercial aimed at making people think before they text and drive.

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The video shows different people reaching for their phones while driving, only for their passenger to reach over and grab their hand.

All the while, Lionel Ritchie's "Is It Me You're Looking For?" is playing. Which is lovely.

"Driver distraction is a serious road safety issue," a NZ Transport Agency spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "People think that it's dangerous to use their mobile phones while driving, yet many people still do it."

"The campaign aims to use this insight and encourages young drivers to question their use of mobile phones while driving. It’s the first step in getting young people to view things from a different perspective – their passenger’s. "

It's all very nice, *and* important.