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When His Computer Broke And His Hard Drive Was Stolen, This Rapper Recorded His Entire Album At The Apple Store

"I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot."

This is Prince Harvey, a rapper based in Brooklyn, NYC.

The LA-born musician's new album, PHATASS (Prince Harvey At The Apple Store Soho) was recorded entirely at the SoHo Apple Store, in secret, over four months.

The memory on all the computers in Apple stores is cleared daily, but Harvey figured out that he could store his tracks in the trashcan overnight and they wouldn't be deleted.

And the songs were made exclusively with human voices, an acapella album that Harvey thought of producing after releasing a single in 2012 called "No Music" which - you guessed it - featured only claps and voice. "The New Black" is Harvey's new single.

PHATASS will be released July 27th.