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    12 Irrefutable Reasons Why Potatoes Are Better Than Dogs And Cats

    And all pets, really.

    1. A potato does not cause a fuss when bath time arrives.

    Calm, collected and eager to please.

    2. Instead of taking up a lot of space on your couch, a potato can become a couch.

    ha ha ha

    couch potato.

    I get it.

    3. If you cut open a potato, you might find Jesus. If you cut open a dog or cat, all you get is blood and organs. Lame.

    4. You can post your potato to a friend, just by sticking stamps on it.

    If you want to send your cat or dog ANYWHERE you have to fill out **so** much paperwork. Ugh, gross.

    5. Potatoes make for some handy storage.

    All cats and dog store is poop.

    6. All mustaches grown by potatoes are far superior to any pathetic dog / cat mustache.

    7. Unlike cats and dogs, potatoes are passive and prefer to talk things over.

    8. Potatoes can literally morph their bodies to express their love for you.

    9. Cats want to be potatoes.

    10. Everyone wants to be potatoes.

    11. If you microwave a potato, you get great things. If you microwave a dog or a cat, nothing great happens.

    12. Dogs and cats poop everywhere. Potatoes don't. They just look up at you and smile.

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