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Here's How Australians Watched Porn In 2015

We really love lesbian porn.

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Another year has come and gone and Pornhub has released a whole bunch of data about the way Aussies view porn. We checked out the whole report and found out some pretty interesting things about how Australians like to spend their ~special alone time~.

1. Australia is 7th in the world when it comes to porn viewing.

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Aussies tracked just between France and Italy at 7th when it came to Pornhub's traffic in 2015. That's one spot up from last year! New Zealand didn't even make the top 20.

3. We also last a whole 17 seconds longer than the worldwide average.


In 2015, the average Australian porn enthusiast spent nine minutes and twenty-four seconds on Pornhub. The worldwide average for the year was 9:07.


5. But we're not that keen on Friday.

It seems Friday is reserved for drinking and relaxing as the weekend approaches, more so than it is for porn. Don’t worry though, because everything goes back to normal on Saturday.

7. But all Australians switch off when the holidays come 'round.

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Pornhub noted a 52% drop in traffic on New Year's Eve, and a 28% drop on Christmas Day. I guess all that time spent with your family kind of kills the mood.


8. The number one search term in Australia was "lesbian", and pretty resoundingly too.

"Lesbian" was Australia's most popular search term on Pornhub in 2015, topping the charts both state and territory-wide by a rather convincing margin. "Step mom," "Teen," and "Asian" round off the top four.

10. Mobile devices make up 70% of Pornhub’s Australian traffic.

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With 55% of ​its​ traffic coming from smartphones and 15% from tablets, 2015 will go down as the year porn viewing shifted ​away from desktop computers.

11. When Aussies watch sport, they forget about their genitals (until the game is over).


Pornhub recorded massive drops in traffic during both the AFL grand final and the State of Origin. But don't worry, we picked up the slack afterwards, choosing masturbation as our form of celebration / mourning.


13. We search for Kim Kardashian porn (a lot).

The number one searched porn star in Australia was none other than Kim Kardashian, closely followed by Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann. Surprisingly, no Aussie porn stars make the cut.

14. But when it comes to our porn, we don't care about race.


Pornhub noted that Australia's top list of search terms was completely devoid of anything to do with their own nationality. This is in stark contrast to other countries, like Italy and France. "Asian" does come in at 4th, however.