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This New Yorker Has The Same Name As Australia's Immigration Minister And Its All Going To Shit

From one Dutton to another.

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This here is New Yorker Peter Dutton. His Twitter handle is @PeterDutton. He has been receiving torrents of abuse since the start of the year, all intended for the Australian minister for immigration and border protection, Peter Dutton.

Australia's Peter Dutton is currently under a bit of duress.

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He's a controversial figure due to his role overseeing Australia's tough immigration system, including refugee detention centres both in Australia and abroad.

Recently, he made a comment about "illiterate and innumerate refugees" taking Australian jobs. People weren't impressed.

Every time Australian Peter Dutton does something that some Australians don't agree with, New York Peter Dutton cops a lot of the schtick.

Get off your high horse @PeterDutton-mp they are legal refugees or dont u know what that word means #auspol

Like, here's someone calling him a worm and threatening to sue.

@PeterDutton you are a worm and I will personally sue you for defamation of my character if you don't stop these lies. #CloseTheCamps


Here's someone blaming Peter Dutton from New York for what's happening in Syria.

@PeterDutton I would have thought even "languishing in unemployment queues" would be better than being bombed out of existence in Syria!

Here's someone calling him ignorant and prejudiced.

@PeterDutton opens his mouth & exposes untold ignorance & prejudice #refugeeswelcome

This person is frustrated and angry with New York Peter Dutton.

@peterdutton you are making me frustrated and angry for giving #refugees on #manus and #nauru no hope. #mistyeyed