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This Grandpa Might Face Court After Spray Painting Over "Blowjob" On A Wicked Campervan

One grandfather in particular may face prosecution after spray painting over a car which had the words "A blowjob a day beats an apple," painted on it.

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Controversial campervan hiring company Wicked is under fire again, with a rising number of people spray painting over the infamous slogans on the cars.

In New Zealand, the Family First organisation is actively campaigning for members of the public to report offensive slogans seen on Wicked campers.

In April last year, transgender activists in New Zealand said they would be "buying and distributing cans of paint to spray on all Wicked Camper vans," after a van was photographed with the slogan "ladies, if you want a man to leave you alone at a bar tell him you have a penis."

Just last week, a group of Australian tourists in New Zealand told the Rotorua Daily Post they had covered up the slogans on their car with tape.

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And yesterday, an Australian grandfather in Byron Bay spray painted over a Wicked rental car with the slogan "a blowjob a day beats an apple" and may face prosecution as a result.

Paul McCarthy told the Rotorua Daily Post he was so appalled with the slogan that he bought his own can of spray paint to cover the word "blow".

"I admit I had a brain snap," he said. "But I just took offence to it."

"What sort of thing is that to have written on the car? What happens if you have young kids in the car and they ask you what that word means?"

In June last year, 22 Wicked vans were vandalised after a break-in at their Cairns North car yard, but police were hesitant to link the incident to the disgruntled public.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Wicked Campers for further statement.