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People Love This Grandma's Reaction To Being Given A Fidget Spinner For Her Birthday

May we all share the joy of an 85-year-old experiencing a fidget spinner for the first time.

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Fiona tweeted about her grandma enjoying her new fidget spinner and was flooded with messages from people calling Joan "pure" and saying she looked great for 85-years-old. So far, the tweet has over 1,000 retweets.

my grandma got a fidget spinner for her 85th birthday and look how happy she is 😭❤️

People were very taken by Joan and her fidget spinner.

@fivna @kalesalad she looks a bit too happy..


@fivna @FreakFabrik Great tweet Fiona. Your grandma looks like a person with a great sense of humor

@fivna I want my man to look at me the same way this woman looks at her fidget spinner.

In particular THAT photo...

@fivna This is my new cellphone background 🙏

And some even shared their own experience with grandma and a fidget spinner.

@fivna @kalesalad this was my grandma’s reaction...she genuinely despised it.