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25 Stages Of Driving Through Sydney In Peak Hour

Ha ha ha I want to die.

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1. It's morning and you drive through a few streets with little to no traffic. Passing a school, all is well. You think maybe today will be different. Maybe there won't be traffic today.


8. Of course, as you reach your angriest, you pull up next to them and notice that they're an elderly person or something. So now not only are you stuck in traffic, but you also feel awful.

9. You stop at a red light and OF COURSE someone has pushed their luck and they are now stuck in the middle of the intersection, blocking traffic both ways.

10. You hear a song that you really want to sing along to but can't because, like, you're in traffic right next to a bunch of other cars and you didn't invest in that higher grade window tint like you should have.



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