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    12 Reasons Rain Is Better Than Anything Else

    Straight up take your sun and sand away from me.

    OK - So we all know that Australia is all about the beach and having a laugh and straight up drinking in the sun but lemme just quote Shirley Manson right now:

    1. The rain gives you an excuse not to have to deal with other people. Legit just don't go outside. Try it, it's awesome. I do it literally every day.

    2. So there's even less chance of running into someone you don't like.

    3. Also, like, there is ~literally~ nothing better than sitting inside in the warmth all cuddled up while it rains outside.

    4. Being warm inside while it's cold outside is incredible. It's like when you get in a hot tub at a ski resort.

    5. Have a ~significant other~ that you enjoy doing ~significant other~ things with? (I'm talking about sex). Open a window and listen to that rain fall down like a godamn Hilary Duff clip and try and tell me the sex ain't better.

    6. Rain also makes a great backdrop for your pensive thoughts.

    7. Australia in the rain is probably the most chill it gets. Everyone is done with going around pretending to enjoy the sandy AF beach and instead can focus on quietly chilling out.

    8. Rain is also like, legit good for Australia. It's goddamn hot for a lot of the godamn time and farmers and animals and all sorts of things really do appreciate it.

    9. You can stay in bed all FRICKEN day and not feel bad about it because shit, man, it's rainin' outside.

    10. You know what else is great in the rain? Cooking. Anything. Your whole house starts to smell like Martha Stewart's wet dream (that's a good thing) and you can just chill out and know you have some serious eats coming your way.

    11. Also do we even need to talk about how much BETTER winter clothes are than summer clothes. It's not even a competition. When you put on winter clothes its like someone is gently hugging your body ALL DAY.

    12. And finally, you get that sweet godamn hold-me-all-night smell that comes with the rain (it's called petrichor apparently idk look it up) AND THAT'S THE GREATEST BEAUTY OF ALL.

    Australia: better in the rain.