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    After He Got 200 Simpson's Tattoos, This Grandfather Set A New World Record

    "It's one of those Mad fold-ins."

    Fifty-two year old Michael Baxter has spent $12,000 and undergone 130 hours of tattooing to set a new world record for most number of tattoos from a single animated series.


    The tattoos, which were inked throughout last year, have 203 separate Simpsons characters and span along the entirety of his back.

    Baxter told 7 News that the project was completely worth it, and the size of it means he'll probably hold the record for some time.

    7 News / Via

    He also said his wife was very pleased with the end result.

    7 News / Via

    Baxter isn't the only man from the Southern Hemisphere with record-setting Simpson's tattoos, with New Zealander Lee Weir claiming a record in 2014 for his 41 Homer Simpson arm sleeve.

    Woo hoo! #Simpsons superfan @leeweird shows his love for @HomerJSimpson with tattoos record

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to both Baxter and his tattoo studio for more information.

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