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18 Struggles Of Catching Public Transport During The Summer

Australia is hot, transport is not.

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1. Peak hour is the worst time in your day.


2. People cram onto the train / bus and get WAY too close to each other.

3. Everyone is sweaty. Everyone.


4. So you get other people’s sweat on you. :’(

Comedy Channel

(that's not a tear drop that's sweat)


5. No one wants to be there. You’re going to work. This isn't "fun."

6. People lean up against poles.

7. And then their sweaty sweat gets on the pole, so now you’re like “great, I gotta deal with this sweaty pole.”


8. Food seems to smell worse in summer when some idiot opens it up on a train or bus.


9. Your hair gets fuzzy.

10. Your hair gets flat.

11. If you wear makeup, it sweats right off.

New Line Cinema / Via

12. And you get black around your eyes from mascara running.

Warner Bros.

13. There’s always some bastard who stands in front of the door.

14. And another bastard who won’t open their window.

15. Because you don’t have air conditioning.

16. Because you’re on a train from the 1980s.

17. Everyone's rubbing up against everyone else and it's just really gross.

18. Oh, and you're not even at work yet.