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    An "Uninhabitable” House Where A Woman Lay Dead For 8 Years Just Sold For $1,105,000

    The house is completely dilapidated and the skeletal remains of its previous owner, Natalie Jean Wood, lay undisturbed in the property for eight years between 2003-2011.

    The home of Natalie Jean Wood, who tragically collapsed and died in her house in 2003, has been sold. Wood's body spent eight years laying undisturbed within the property between 2003-2011.

    PRDnationwide Perez Real Estate / Via

    Wood was last seen in December, 2003 at a nearby chemist. Her decomposed body was found by police in the front bedroom of the home, with no will left for her assets.

    "That the death of a life long resident of a high density housing area should remain undiscovered until after all the flesh had rotted from her frail bones caused public disquiet,” the Coroner’s report said.

    Almost 120 people gathered at the terrace on Wednesday night, many believing the property would be a cheap way into Sydney's real estate market.

    PRDnationwide Perez Real Estate / Via

    In January, agents estimated the terrace would sell for "up to $700,000."

    NSW Police Force

    "It's a great blank canvas for young people wanting to get into inner city living at an affordable price to make something quite spectacular,” said selling agent Corrinne Olsen.

    The average price for a house in Surry Hills is just under $1,500,000. In July 2015 the average price for a house in greater Sydney reached $1,000,000.

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