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    This Campaign Wants To Change The Way You Look At Your Body

    The #MyBodyMyTerms campaign hopes to encourage people to think about their perspectives on revenge porn, sexual violence, victim-blaming, and consent.

    #MyBodyMyTerms is a campaign trying to spark ​a conversation around ownership of our own bodies.

    Facebook: TheVillainesse

    The New Zealand-based campaign was thought up by Lizzie Marvelly a few months ago, and she and the other volunteers involved with the project are hoping that it will help inspire people to make decisions that are right for them.

    Launched only a few days ago, the campaign has quickly taken off. A video which shows people discussing what the #MyBodyMyTerms movement means has already reached over 60,000 views.

    A brief bio on the Facebook page mentions the venomous cultural happenings that have led to the need for a campaign like this:

    "In a culture where rape survivors blame themselves for the criminal actions of their rapists where young people aren’t sure what constitutes consent, where intimate photographs are shared online, and where a group of young men can form a club called the ‘Roastbusters’ and get away with it, we need to have some open and honest conversations."

    "It was created because it is needed," Lizzie told BuzzFeed News.

    Facebook: TheVillainesse

    "Victim-blaming is sadly prevalent, revenge porn cases are now becoming common, here in New Zealand we have the worst rates of sexual violence in the OECD, and education about consent is not widespread in our schools."

    The reception to the campaign has been almost entirely positive, says Lizzie, and everyone has helped to spark the conversation.

    "We're all feeling quite stunned, frankly."

    "While 99% of the comments have been positive, even that 1% who have raised objections are at least talking about it, which was our goal."

    "We just wanted to create an open discussion, where people can talk about this," says Lizzie.

    "These are difficult subjects for people to talk about, so we wanted to try to defuse some of the shame and fear around them and get the conversation started."

    You can watch the video here, and check out the Facebook page here.

    Facebook: video.php

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