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    The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

    Wow, such animals.

    1. This platypus going for a run.

    Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt.

    2. This wombat riding a tortoise.


    3. This no-nonsense kangaroo.

    4. The koala that wouldn't let go.

    National Geographic Wild / Via

    Hold me Jack! Hold me!

    5. The koala with dancing ears.

    6. This base jumping sugar glider.

    7. This cassowary having a bad day.

    8. The running baby wombat.

    9. The amateur film maker Quoll.

    10. This little bat.

    You can find out more about Blossom the bat HERE.

    11. This hungry perentie.

    12. This emu that wants you to BACK OFF.

    13. This crocodile giving a piggyback ride.

    14. The hungry green tree frog.

    15. Steve Irwin with this python.


    16. This majestic great white shark.

    17. This wombat getting its belly rubbed.

    18. This real baby koala cuddling a fake koala.

    19. This quokka.

    20. The many adventures of this echidna puggle.

    21. This kangaroo that isn't messing around.

    22. This VERY active platypus.

    23. This (literal) boxing kangaroo.

    24. And this goat.

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