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The 18 Most Delightful Moments In The Life Of An Australian

Every day is a good day when you live Down Under!

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1. Cracking open the vegemite

2. And then giving it to a foreigner and feeling like a CULTURED GOD broadening their horizons

Channel 7

3. Getting junk mail like this:

4. Loading up your Milo so that milk is a secondary thing.

5. Rockin' up to Bunnings to see one of these:

6. Drinking a bag of goon, blowing it up and using it as a pillow.

7. Or getting a bit more creative...

8. Getting a burger with beetroot.

9. Australia Day

10. Coming home after an international flight and being able to use the citizens fast lane.

11. This:

David Gray / Reuters

12. When this guy showed up to your school:

13. And everyone told stories about how someone from another school burnt down the van.

14. When you HAVE to buy beer (because of finances, obviously)

15. The Queen's birthday.

16. Coming up with awesome solutions to the heat.

17. 7/11 Slurpy day!

18. And the first beach day of the summer.