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Here's How This Monkey Getting A Haircut Became A Huge Meme

"One side of Twitter is talking about injustice in America and the other side is photoshopping pictures of a monkey getting a haircut."

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A video from earlier this year of a macaque monkey getting a haircut has gone viral and prompted the creation of a weird and wonderful new meme.

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Since being first uploaded to a Chinese entertainment Facebook page (JFOX), the 18-second clip of a monkey getting cut & combed has been viewed over 3.9 million times on Facebook alone.

Facebook: video.php

Uploaded with the simple descriptor "Haircut!", there's not much else to the clip. It really is as simple as it sounds: a monkey...getting a haircut. But that hasn't stopped the video being screenshot, morphed, re-jigged and shared across the internet.

The clip first went viral for obvious reasons (it's a cute as shit monkey getting a haircut, duh) but took off once more in September, when a screenshot of the lil' fella was photoshopped into a pic of US president Donald Trump signing an executive order. In the new meme, Trump appears to be giving the monkey a haircut. See what I mean?

This initial meme prompted an awesome wave of Haircut Monkey memes, piggybacking off the success of other memes, and also just photoshopping the macaque monkey onto random pictures.

Soon, everyone was giving the monkey a haircut.

out of all the monkey haircut memes this still remains the best

A Twitter account, @MonkeyHaircut, was launched on September 25 and has already amassed almost 20,000 followers.

There are...a lot of haircut monkey memes.

And it's absolutely flooding Twitter, which is good.

all i see on my TL is the monkey getting a haircut and i'm not mad

barber: what u want me: haircut monkey barber: what me: haircut monkey.

People love the monkey. People love it when the monkey gets a haircut.

Me: I’m gonna get all my work done today, there’s nothing in the world that can stop me Monkey getting a haircut m…

Oh yeah and there's another trend of taking stills from porn scenes and turning them into monkey haircuts, too.

Very kind of my lady to give our pet monkey a haircut!

Now you know!

One side of Twitter is talking about injustice in America and the other side is photoshopping pictures of a monkey getting a haircut

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