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Model Who Told Her Instagram Followers They "Suck" Hits Back At Haters

"The truth is I don't care about social media at all or anyones opinions. The people telling me to kill really??? How sad."

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Cassi van den Dungen, the model who told her followers they "suck" after only getting 14 likes on an Instagram photo, has taken to Facebook to respond to the criticism she has faced.

In the post, Cassi defends her original upload as being part of her regular humour, and shames those who were abusing her to the point where many told her to "kill herself."

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The response from her Facebook page was mostly positive, with many coming to the model's side.

After posting her response on Instagram the comments were a mixture of the same abuse and some positive defence.


Her original post does have over 500 likes now though, so there's that \_(ツ)_/¯.


When approached by BuzzFeed News to elaborate on her comments, Cassi had this to say:

"Read my post from yesterday day. That is my response. People need to lighten up."