This Is Why Mittagong Is The Unknown Gem Of Australia

Coffee shops! A bakery! Persian rug dealers!

1. Yesterday I hung out in Mittagong, NSW.

2. At first, I was skeptical.

3. But from the moment I arrived, I knew I was somewhere special.

4. The people knew this was the real deal.

5. I asked a nice lady if she knew where the busy parts of town were. She raised her old, wind burned finger and pointed towards this. No words were muttered.

6. The town was lush with interesting architecture.

This is my favourite photo of the denture clinic. Lots of people were lined up waiting to take their photos as well. It felt like one of the big tourist attractions the city had.

Nice house, I can only assume the king of mittagong lives here.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

8. I could only find one ATM and it was in the TAB. Take from that what you will.

9. There also seems to be a lot of dental work opportunities in Mittagong. Take from that what you will.

Mittagong seems to be the place to be if you're a dentist.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

10. The whole town seemed eerily quiet. Kind of like the town from Hot Fuzz.

Universal / Via

11. Christmas comes early in Mittagong.

Demand for Christmas supplies is high

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

12. It was awesome to be in a place that didn’t seem to be infiltrated by massive chains.

13. The sky was a beautiful rich blue, the air crisp and the town seemed like a calm, idyllic escape from Sydney.

An old man just called me a faggot.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

15. Ignore that.

16. I picked this up at a small bakery on the high street. It was okay, nothing to write home about though.

Got this at the bakery. My grandfather always said you could judge a town on its muffins.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

17. The town has all your usual sites. A bakery, a grocery store, a Persian rug outlet.

No matter how big, no matter how small, every town has a Persian rug dealer.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

18. This is an accurate depiction of the style in Mittagong.

Mittagong style

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

19. And this store was certainly something…

This shop was interesting.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

Everything in that store was around the $1000 mark, which led to me thinking there were a lot of secret millionaires in Mittagong. Well, the secret’s out now.

21. The public bathrooms were actually really quite nice. A+ work.

Surprisingly clean.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

22. This store was the biggest mystery I came across. I did not pursue their deal.

I don't know what this place is selling but their shopfront certainly isn't inviting.

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

23. And the visitors centre, like every visitors centre on the planet, sold jam.

24. Will I be returning to Mittagong? Yes. Not for the clean public restrooms, not for the clothing and not for the muffins. I will be returning for this:

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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