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15 Times Minions Infiltrated Australia's Shores

First they took over America, and I did not speak out for I was not American...

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1. When they arrived on our sweet Sydney shoreline and immediately took a selfie.

In case you missed it - they're here! Don't miss the #minions while they're in cinemas:

2. When they told you to be careful around trains.

3. When they totally stole the show when performing with Birds of Tokyo on Sunrise.

Ok so this just happened and it was all-time. MINIONS!!!! @BIRDSOFTOKYO @sunriseon7 #Anchor 😂🙈

4. When they took over our Tic Tacs.

5. And when they took over our Kinder Surprises.

6. When they marched in our Mardi Gras.

7. When they wrapped themselves around our flowers.

8. When they broke into the 7 News studio.

When 2 worlds collide! just hanging around like they own work ....#minions


10. When they came for our bananas.

11. When they came for Luna Park.

Have you seen the #MinionsParade? Follow the dancers (& the Minions!) through the Park daily @ 12:15 #meettheminions


15. And when they (maybe) swore at us.