A Woman Playing Pokémon Go Stumbled Upon An Insane Amount Of Spiderwebs

    A whole park was blanketed in spiderwebs as spiders fled the rain.

    Leslie Schmidt was playing Pokémon Go with her boyfriend last Sunday in Yinnar, Victoria, when the couple stumbled upon a magical and ridiculous sight: a whole park covered in spiderwebs.

    "We were chasing a Meowth but didn't get it," she told BuzzFeed News. "[We] got distracted by the webs."

    The abnormal spiderweb phenomenon has happened in Australia before. During periods of high rainfall or flooding, spiders are often forced to seek higher ground.

    Although Schmidt didn't manage to catch the Meowth among the spiderwebs, she did manage to hatch an egg that had a Meowth in it that day.