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    53 Reasons Living In Melbourne Ruins You For Life

    Fashion, food, and fun! You'll never want to live anywhere else.

    1. Because the laneways look like this.

    Flickr: pics-or-it-didnt-happen / Creative Commons

    2. And you can walk through them...

    Flickr: setaysha / Creative Commons

    3. ...and above them!

    Flickr: onedeuxpunch / Creative Commons

    4. Because a day on the beach doesn't just mean this...


    5. ...but also a stroll down St Kilda pier.

    6. Because you get an *actual* holiday to watch the biggest race in the world...

    Flickr: twobigpaws / Creative Commons

    7. ...and an excuse to wear great hats!

    AAP Image

    8. Because Melbourne Cricket Ground is Australia's greatest sporting arena.

    9. And you can watch the AFL...


    10. ...the cricket...


    11. ...and the football...


    12. ...all in one day!

    Flickr: jennie_m / Creative Commons

    13. Because there's always plenty of fresh produce...

    14. ...everywhere you look!


    15. Because getting the train from Flinders Street station is like getting the train from a museum.


    16. Because there are roads that look like this...

    17. ...and gardens that look like this.

    Flickr: charlot17 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: charlot17 / Creative Commons

    18. Because there are places like the Escape Room, where you can play detectives all day!

    19. Because you can get great coffee from even *greater* places...

    Instagram: @nessngyn

    20. ...with freshly ground beans...

    Flickr: duncan / Creative Commons

    21. ...that end up looking like this!

    Flickr: ultrakml / Creative Commons

    22. Because the State Library is the perfect place to relax. Or study. Or explore.

    23. You can spend hours in the reading room just looking around...

    Flickr: 86253018@N06 / Creative Commons

    24. ...and you can also try reading!

    Flickr: yewenyi / Creative Commons

    25. Because Mount Dandenong is right around the corner.

    26. And you'll go on walks that look like this...

    27. ...and see views like this!

    28. Because our museums look like works of art.

    29. And we get to where we're going in style.

    30. Because tennis is always an option.


    31. Because there are cathedrals that look like this on the inside...

    Flickr: raptor_czn / Creative Commons

    32. ...and this on the outside!

    33. Because you can look at the city from above...

    Flickr: 36760290@N08 / Creative Commons

    34. ...and get up close and personal below.

    35. Because in Melbourne you'll never find yourself saying, "There's nowhere to eat."

    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons
    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons

    36. There are literally HUNDREDS of places to get lunch...

    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons

    37. ...breakfast...

    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons

    38. ...or dessert!

    39. Because dusk looks like this.

    Flickr: andrewhuxtable / Creative Commons

    40. Because the laneways are always filled with music.

    Flickr: drgonzo78 / Creative Commons

    41. Because you can go to university at a place that looks like HOGWARTS!

    Flickr: sobriquet / Creative Commons

    42. Because although the weather might not always be great...

    Flickr: benmciver / Creative Commons

    43. gives us shots like this...

    Flickr: doublebug / Creative Commons

    44. ...and this.

    Flickr: hazara / Creative Commons

    45. Because you can spend a day at the first (and greatest) Luna Park.

    Flickr: duncan / Creative Commons

    46. Because the city is MADE FOR POSTCARDS!

    Flickr: mugley / Creative Commons

    47. Because a day at the theatre is a day well spent.

    Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons

    48. Unless recitals are more your thing!

    Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons
    Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons
    Flickr: wojtekgurak / Creative Commons

    49. Because there's always fun above the water...

    Flickr: 72562013@N06 / Creative Commons

    50. ...and below it!

    Flickr: indigoskies / Creative Commons

    51. Because the tigers at the zoo are always up for a staring competition!

    Flickr: nzgundy / Creative Commons

    52. Because we still have houses that look like this.

    Flickr: 73416633@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 73416633@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 73416633@N00 / Creative Commons

    53. And because you get to live in a city that looks like this...

    Flickr: melburnian / Creative Commons

    ...and this...

    Flickr: 17251154@N00 / Creative Commons

    ...and this!

    Flickr: rmichalski / Creative Commons

    It's true. Move here and be doomed. To live in Melbourne is to curse everywhere else you live for the rest of your life.