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    These Two Runway Models Have Moves That'll Make You Gasp

    "That little step together at the end made me weep, it was so beautiful."

    This is Matthias. He just graduated from Stevenson University in Maryland where he studied biology – but that's not why he's making the news.

    At a fashion show put on by the Black Student Union at Stevenson University in April, Matthias and his friend Steve were asked to walk the runway.


    The duo was asked to come up with its own runway walk to fit the theme of "Grand Theft Auto". They practiced for months in advance, but a week before the show, neither of them liked their original runway walk.


    So, instead, and with a little inspiration from Les Twins, Matthias and Steve did this:

    Y'all better wake up and tell me why this infused with the most swag of the century.

    "It's not your usual fashion show," Matthias told BuzzFeed News. "It's animated and made to entertain."



    The day after the fashion show, Matthias' friend Rico tweeted out a video of the whole thing. From there it went super viral. Over 100,000 people have retweeted the clip, and it has been uploaded to – and gone viral – on Instagram, Reddit and Facebook.

    @Renaud_Zazie #BlackMagic #BlackExcellence We Are All of That and So Much More!!!

    "There were other videos on people's Snapchats of them screaming," Rico told BuzzFeed News. "The whole place was sort of stunned at first, then they went nuts."

    People absolutely loved it.

    @Renaud_Zazie Then they walked off in sync. Astonishing.

    @Renaud_Zazie @YokiLuy Might be the coolest shit I saw all day 💪🏽

    @Renaud_Zazie me calculating the trajectory of the the thrown hands as to attempt this one day with my friend

    @Renaud_Zazie that little step together at the end made me weep, it was so beautiful.

    Matthias said he never thought it would blow up like this. "The shows were a great experience. First time and I've never done anything like it before," he said.

    Let's enjoy it one more time:


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