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This Adorable Movie Theatre Proposal Was Months In The Making And It's Perfect

Want a good idea for a wedding proposal? How about you make a movie?

Liam Cooper was driving from Sydney to Wollongong (his hometown) in November last year when he and a friend came up with the perfect wedding proposal idea.

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Liam and his girlfriend (and now fiancé!) Amy met in high school, and they've been dating for six years.

"We met at a youth group in Wollongong in year 7 and starting dating in year 9," Liam told BuzzFeed.

Liam took Amy to a screening of Focus at the local cinema and ran off "to the bathroom" in the first stage of an epic proposal that took months of preparation.

Liam had to cash in a lot of favours to pull the whole thing off, borrowing a Porsche from a friend as well as the skills and help of dozens of people.

"We filmed all the [pre-proposal] footage over a weekend and it took two weeks to edit. We actually had a test cinematic screening in the Bondi Junction Event Cinemas, to make sure it all worked out."

Whilst Liam had 50 or so people on standby to congratulate the newly engaged couple, everyone else in the cinema was strangers who had just bought tickets to the film.

Liam set the video to Magic!'s "Rude", and the band even sent him a message of congratulations for the end of the clip.

Liam and Amy are set to wed in November of this year, in what Liam says will be "a much smaller" event (who can blame him).

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