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People Are Freaking Out About This Woman's Insane Galaxy Paintings

You can't even see it until the lights are off.

Crispin Young Wilson is a server hardware repairer from Hood River, Oregon, who also does some painting on the side. On Sunday, Crispin was getting ready for her latest project.

I'm working today. But it's the best kind of paid work there is 🎨

Crispin was painting the ceiling of her friend's son's room to make it look like a beautiful sky.

"[My friend] has a little boy who refuses to sleep in his own room," Crispin told BuzzFeed News. "When my friend got his new place, he wanted me to come over and paint the room, hoping it will entice his son to sleep in it."

The finished painting looks absolutely amazing. Crispin used glow-in-the-dark paint so the starscape would be visible only at night, when the lights were off.

My friend's 4 year old has no idea that I did this to his room (paint is invisible in day light). Best way to spend…

“I use a huge mix of different paint products, and fortunately they all react to a black light, so I just need to have a dark room and a few power outlets, not to mention some drop cloths, a sturdy ladder, and good music," she said.

Here's what the room looks like with the lights on:

Oh and a few people have been asking - this is what the room looks like with the lights on!

When Benjamin was first shown his new room, he was hesitant and didn't know what the ceiling would look like.

But then his parents flicked the lights off, and Benjamin loved it.

He hasn't wanted his own room, so he's gearing up to pitch a fit. They turn off the lights, and there's 2 seconds of tantrum, then big pause

And he just gasps and goes "WHATS THAT?!?!?!?!" He is stoked. He's flipping the lights on and off trying to figure out where the stars go

He frantically ran to his light switch to watch the stars above his bed appear and disappear again and again.

Crispin says she's been painting her incredible artworks for some time. "I've done this for myself in each place I have lived. The landlords either never knew, didn't care, or new tenants liked it and didn't complain," she said.

The original tweet of Benjamin's finished ceiling has more than 30,000 retweets, and Crispin says she has been inundated with requests from people to paint their rooms as well.