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    28 People Who Totally Kinda Had A Little Bit Of A Point

    "I mean...ah...yeah. I guess you're right?"

    1. This guy who gives us all a reason to NEVER. LEAVE. THE HOUSE.

    2. Jim Gaffigan's views on the outdoors are also good.

    3. This guy who was missing Netflix almost hit the nail on the head.

    4. And Neil deGrasse Tyson paints a sad picture.

    5. Whilst this guy paints a picture of an ideal world.

    6. This person understands that a review for chalk is unnecessary.

    7. And this genius is totally fed up with this shit.

    8. We all have someone like this in our lives.

    9. This BRAIN WIZARD made one of the most accurate descriptions of a movie of all time.

    10. This person learnt what to prepare for before a fight.

    11. This RIGHTFULLY nervous individual has a lot to worry about.

    12. And this review points out just how CLOSE Sunshine was to getting an Oscar.

    13. This Youtuber pretty much described why every argument online is dumb.

    14. I mean, this guy would live in an interesting world.

    15. This guy figured out Voldemort's ULTIMATE weakness.

    16. And this guy figured out the perfect balanced breakfast.

    17. I mean yeah that's a lot of pressure to put on a kid.

    18. This is a good point.

    19. This is kinda gross...

    20. Hang on a minute. I mean...hmm...yeah...

    21. This protestor is everything.

    22. This kid knows how much is too much.

    23. And this guy acknowledges the true heroes among us.

    24. This runner is in front of you and #sassy

    25. Eric Striffler knows what's up.


    27. Ah...I guess...

    28. AND FINALLY.